Ooni Pro Portable Pizza Oven

      • World's first quad-fueled portable pizza oven! larger size and multi-fuel options opens opportunities for making a variety of meats, breads, seafood and other dishes - anywhere.

        1. Fits pizza size up to 16 inches
        2. Heats up to 932˚F for restaurant style crust
        3. Bakes a pizza in just 60 seconds
        4. Quad-fuel options - wood,charcoal, pellets, or gas*

        *Optional Gas Burner and Pellet Burner sold separately

        Ooni Pro Gas & Wood Bundle  includes Gas Burner, 14" Peel, Cast Iron Skillet, and cover.Versatile portable oven big enough to cook larger dishes - and still excels at pizza! [left]

        1. Ooni Pro wood fired pizza oven
        2. Cordierite Stone Baking Board (4 parts)
        3. Door with Glass and Thermometer
        4. Pizza Door
        5. Wood and Charcoal Burner
        6. Safety Gloves
        7. Ooni Pro Manual
        8. Allen Key

        Ooni Pro Gas Bundle - Keep a consistent temperature longer without adding fuel with the added Gas Burner Kit that includes:

      • Gas Burner
      • Ooni Classic 14 inch peel
      • Cast Iron Skillet
      • Ooni Pro Cover
        1. Dimensions: 14.1 x 8.6 (excluding chimney) x 25.2
        2. Unboxed weight: 24.25 lbs (9.25kg)
        3. Cooking surface: 13.2 x 13.2”
        4. Made of 430 Stainless Steel
        5. 10mm cordierite stone baking board
        6. Ceramic Fiber Insulated
      • All Ooni ovens come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.