Ooni Koda Portable Pizza Oven

  • "The Koda is a game changer!" - Dale, a Good Life PIzza Oven customer and proud owner of the Ooni Koda

    But what makes the Koda a "game changer"?

    1. Propane: It is much easier to cook with propane than with wood, charcoal or pellets.  A steady flow of propane means your temperature stays up in the 900 degree range without adding fuel - so you can focus on the pizza. The Koda is self-igniting with the turn of a dial that has child-safe features.

    2. Look and Feel Like a Pro: The Koda's burner is the full width of the oven so the pizza cooks evenly across.  It also means less burnt crust so your pizza looks professional - even if you are a beginner.

    3. Super Portable: Take it to the park, to parties, tailgating - anywhere that you can take a propane cylinder.  In 15 minutes you're ready to cook pizzas in less than 2 minutes each. 

    If you are at all worried about whether or not you can make a good Neapolitan pizza in your own backyard - then the Koda is the perfect oven for you!
    "Imagine how one of these would heat up tailgating season" - The Wall Street Journal [center]
    "(It's) proven to be the easiest backyard pizza oven that I've tried so far" - WIRED [center]

  • Ooni Koda Videos

    Watch the Ooni Koda's wall of flame roll over your pizza to give you the most even cooking.  It blows away all other portable gas ovens!

    Ooni Founder & CEO, Kristian Tapaninaho, walks you through the key features of the Koda while cooking a pizza in just over 1 minute!


  • What's in the box:

    1. Ooni Koda gas powered pizza oven
    2. Stone baking board
    3. Ooni Koda Manual and Ooni Essentials Guide with tips and recipes
    4. Propane tank gas regulator and hose
    5. NO PEEL INCLUDED (except in bundles)
  • Technical Specifications

    1. Dimensions: 15.7 x 11.6 x 24.8” (400 x 295 x 630mm)
    2. Unboxed weight: 20.4 lbs (9.25kg)
    3. Cooking surface: 13¼ x 13¼” (337 x 337mm)
    4. Commercial grade cold-rolled carbon steel shell with high-temperature resistant, powder-coated finish
    5. 10mm cordierite stone baking board
    6. Built-in Flame Safety Device (FSD) will automatically cut off the gas supply to Ooni Koda if the flame is extinguished while the gas supply is on
  • All Ooni ovens come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

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