Invicta Lo Goustaou Cast-Iron Pizza Oven on Cart

  • Rugged elegance and French cuisine come together in the Invicta Lo Goustaou Cast-Iron Pizza oven on a rolling cart!

    This is a pizza oven that you will be proud to have on display on your deck or backyard living space! 

    The Cast-Iron design provides incredible insulation, while the stone floor makes it perfect for cooking pizza, bread, meats, and many other culinary masterpieces!

  • What's Included:
    Stainless steel shovel
    Wood shovel
    Cleaning brush
    Round barbecue grid
    Stainless steel thermometer

  • Specifications:
    External Dimensions: 30"W x 38.5"D
    Stove Height: 18"
    Total Height w/ Cart: 57"
    Cooking Surface: 14" x 28" 
    Weight: 291 lbs
    Refractory stone cooking surface in 2 parts with cast-iron support
    Door with air register and inspection hole
    2 wide wheels and 1 multi-directional back wheel with brake
    3 removable handles
    2 Shelves
    In compliance with : NF EN 1860-1 standard

  • Warranty:
    All Invicta Cast Iron ovens come with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty.