Chicago Brick Oven CBO-750 Gas/Wood Hybrid DIY Pizza Oven Kit

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  • The CBO-750 Gas/Wood Hybrid DIY Pizza Oven Kit will be the centerpiece of your outdoor oasis - and the envy of your neighborhood! 

    Adding the Gas cooking option to your oven gives you more control over the temperature for cooking meats, breads, and other dishes.  Gas also is cleaner to setup and cleanup before and after the party! 

    The CBO-750 Hybrid DIY Kit oven includes a two-burner gas system: an infrared burner under the hearth and an ambient burner at the back of the hearth. Choose Propane (LP) or Natural Gas (NG) to fit your needs.  

    Certified to UL and NSF4 Standards for safe outdoor and indoor installations

    FREE Starter Pack: Pizza Peel, Brush, and Infrared Thermometer Gun

    Made in the USAPerfect cooking for Pros and at-home chefs [right]

    1. 6-Piece Oven (Dome, 3-piece Hearth, Arch, Decorative Door)
    2. Install Kit - Anchor Plate, Insulating Board & Blanket, Steel Plate, Mortar
    3. FREE Accessory Package (Pizza Peel, Brush, Infrared Thermometer Gun)
    1. Hearth Cooking Surface: 38”x 28”
    2. Floor Dimensions: 35.5" x 40"
    3. Weight: 315 pounds
    4. Can cook in excess of 1000 degrees
    5. Flue Pipe Dimensions: 27.25” H x 22.25” W
    6. Certified to UL and NSF4 Standards for safe indoor and outdoor use.
  • All Chicago Brick Ovens come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.