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  • Have you ever noticed that we always gather our friends and families around food? Instead of going out for pizza, can you imagine sharing the experience of everyone designing and cooking their own hand-made pizzas? Having an authentic traditional Italian dome pizza oven is easier and more affordable than you think!

    See below how Pizzaioli owners make it easy to setup their wood-fired oven as the centerpiece of their outdoor living atmosphere - bringing their family, friends, and neighbors in style!

    Most Common: Affordable Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

    The Pizzaioli is our most traditional pizza oven.  Its rustic beauty is very much part of the appeal, so most people flaunt it - not hide it!

    Our customers are very creative in how they 'build' the Pizzaioli into their countertop.  The most common methods are building a u-shape stand either by stacking landscaping blocks or traditional masonry with brick or stone on the outside.  

    Stacking Landscaping Blocks
    This method is the easiest because it doesn't require mortar - you just stack the blocks in a u-shape that is the right width and depth to support your Pizzaioli.  Because the Pizzaioli base is already a 2.75 inch concrete base, it is its own countertop - making the job even easier and budget friendly.  (Shown with the Stone Surround option)

    Traditional Masonry
    This method can really add style and beauty to the oven - while spending only a little more and putting in some extra effort.

    You start by building an inner wall of cinder blocks and mortar.  Once that is built, you surround that with brick or stone that fits your style.

    Already Have an Outdoor Counter

    If you already have an outdoor counter, you can instantly approve its looks and functionality just by setting a Pizzaioli on top - DONE!
    Authentic Pizza Oven Pizzaioli oven on an already existing outdoor counter

    Also Common:
     Built-in Pizza Oven
    The traditional Terracotta Brick Arch and the Stone Arch both make stunning faces to your built-in pizza oven.
    Authentic Pizza Oven Pizzaioli built into a wall
    Built-in pizza oven consoles are as unique as you are.  Need help designing one?  Contact our team at or 480-939-1868 to get started.  Please have dimensions of your backyard space ready.

    Things to Consider
    The Pizzaioli weighs about 1,200 pounds, so you have to make sure of two things:
    1. Your countertop is built to support that weight
    2. You have a method to get this oven on top of your counter.  The Pizzaioli is manufactured with steel eyelets in each corner which allow for easy hoisting. If you (or a buddy) don't have an engine hoist, shop crane, or some other method to lift this up, you may have to rent or buy one for this project (or get lots of buddies

    All Authentic Pizza Ovens require a cover to protect them from the elements (unless built-in). You can pick one up here.

  • What's Included:

      1. Pizzaioli pizza oven
      2. Chimney: 6” stainless steel spout with flu/damper. (Pipe extensions and cap available separately).
      3. Portuguese Ceramic Baking Dish: ( 10”x 14.5” x 3”)
      4. Thermometer (0-500c)
      5. Ultra Fire: Patch kit to address superficial cracks that will develop.


  • Specifications

    The lower dome height directs heat towards the oven floor, and the wide door makes it easy to cook multiple pizzas at a time.

    Its triple insulated walls keep the oven hot for hours of entertaining - while the outside of the oven stays cool to the touch.
    - Layer 1: Brick and mortar covered in refractory cement
    - Layer 2: ROCKWOOL insulation held down with metal batting
    - Layer 3: MORE more refractory cement

    Weights & Dimensions Are Not Exact As Each Oven Is Handmade.

      1. 39" W x 26" H x 39" D OUTSIDE
        33" W x 15" H x 33" D INSIDE
        19.7" W x 10.6" H Door
        5.5” W x 6” H Chimney
        Overall Product Weight 1200lbs
  • All Authentic Pizza Ovens come with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.