Authentic Pizza Ovens - Pizza Turner

Use a 39" pizza turner to assist in turning your pizza!

Our pizza turner is designed to fit into our wood fired pizza ovens, so you don’t burn your hands. You can also use the turner to pop bubbles, but quite frankly we like the bubbles. These are more usefully used to turn your pizza. After about 60 seconds you will conveniently reach the popper into the oven, stab the far side of the pizza and rotate 180 degrees. Voila- your pizza is turned and happily crisping the crust on the other side of the pie!

Each bubble popper has a long wooden handle that’s easy to hold. It’s also non-conductive, making it's cool to the touch. At the end of each pizza bubble popper, there’s an aluminum prong with two sharp teeth made to pierce dough/bubbles.

This is a must for us!

Remember our ovens get to 800+ degrees, sticking your hand in there to turn the pizza isn’t a good idea.

Made in Portugal